Friday, July 27, 2012

Do you need a lawyer for your DUI arrest in Illinois?

Subtitle: Do you need a cardio-thoracic surgeon or will you be performing your own heart surgery today?

Really. That's about the size of it. DUI in Illinois has so many potentially far-ranging consequences that it makes the question seem almost silly. In fact, if for some strange reason you appear at your first court appearance without an Illinois DUI lawyer, the very first thing you'll likely hear from the Judge is "where is your attorney?"

That isn't the Judge being smart-alecky (though some members of the bench are pretty adept at that). If you tell a Judge you don't have an attorney for a DUI, watch their face as they attempt to stop themselves from rolling their eyes. Most of the time they'll be successful just because they're too busy, but sometimes you might catch them in the act.

DUI isn't a traffic case. It isn't a criminal case. It isn't a seminar on forensic science. It isn't civil litigation. No, in Illinois, it's all those things and more. There are aspects of every one of those fields involved, and punishments range from the civil, such as driver's license suspension or revocation, to the criminal, including jail or prison time, significant fines, community service, and alcohol or substance treatment. DUI can affect your future employment prospects, social standing, and where applicable, immigration status.

In short, you need a lawyer. A lawyer that focusses on defense of DUI.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Does a DUI suspension begin immediately after a DUI arrest?

A DUI arrest in Illinois is scary enough. Then you might hear an officer or some well-meaning soul telling you (or implying) that your driver's license is going to be suspended right away. But that's just what happens.

Before you wonder how you're going to get to work, school, the grocery store, the doctor in the morning, take a peek at this:

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ever wonder what to wear to your court date? Or what not to wear?

Very often clients ask us what to wear to court when appearing for an Illinois DUI case or a criminal defense case, and we're grateful they do. Some don't bother asking. Sometimes the results are fun, and sometimes not.

Of course, sometimes those are the very people who might need to hear our advice. If you'd like to learn about how you should dress for Court (and you should) check out our video below.

So to recap, while a suit and tie or your "Sunday best" wouldn't hurt, semi-casual attire attire will do nicely. No boy shorts, tank-top tees, or shirts with pictures of big marijuana leafs on the back, ok?

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