Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chicago DUI roadblocks are targeting low-income neighborhoods light on DUI? Find out why.

Chicago DUI roadblocks are targeting low-income Black and Latino neighborhoods, where the actual known incidence of DUI is low, compared to several more affluent neighborhoods. This isn't just more of my typical anti-roadblock screed. This is according to a Chicago Tribune report this weekend

The Trib notes there are significantly more Illinois traffic tickets being written than DUI citations. In an amazingly rare moment of journalistic sobriety regarding DUI (see what I did there?), the Trib notes that "data shows no clear indication that a high number of checkpoints equates to few alcohol-related crashes." Welcome to the party.

They get close to the reasons for the Chicago Police to place roadblocks where they do, but noting that this gives the police a chance to check for warrants is just the start.

Here's the truth . . .

Key in on the low-income neighborhood. They're not looking for DUI, really. They're looking for warrants, driving on a suspended license, driving without a valid license, possession of controlled substances (meaning heroin, cocaine, crack, methylphenidate, ecstasy, and more), gun possession by a felon - all things the police believe they're more likely to find easily in low-income neighborhoods. DUI is fine too, but it's not really the target. Ready for the ugly truth?

The poor people who won't be able to afford a private Illinois criminal defense attorney are the target.

Think on that.