Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can you get sentenced to life in prison for a DUI? Guess so.

Prosecutor says the punishment of life in prison is justified because he was a repeat offender.

If DUI is being punished as severely as murder, something is wrong.


  1. If he is a repeat offender, then take him off the streets before he really does kill someone. Just taking away his license will not prevent him from driving drunk. do I agree with the sentence of life in prison, no. But hwat other alternatives are there to keep him from driving drunk?

  2. I think that's a good sentence if you always get caught DUI. Thank you very much for sharing and have a nice day.

  3. Over the years, a lot of deaths and injuries cause of irresponsible driver driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Anyone who gets caught DUI should face severe punishment. Not only will it help them to be more responsible drivers, but it'll also protect the society.

  4. I guess if you caught DUI many times you're deserving for that sentence for life. The government should need this to help or prevent any social issues in the future.

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  5. My friend suffered a personal injury in Toronto yesterday because he got hit by a driver who was driving under the influence. Good thing there were cops around the area so the driver was immediately caught. Though my friend is in the hospital right now, he's recovering quickly and should be out next week.


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