Thursday, November 11, 2010

Considering whether YOU should take that DUI breath test . . .

Apparently - NO!

Breath Alcohol Technician Ticketed For Possible DUI

A man who makes his living calibrating the breath alcohol analyzers for the state police was ticketed Thursday evening, Aug. 26, under the suspicion of driving under the influence. Clyde Mathews of Waterloo, a breath alcohol technician with the Illinois State Police, was cited for DUI Thursday night after he ran into a parked car on Waterloo Drive. Just before 10 p.m., Mathews, 68, was driving a 2004 Lincoln LS north on Waterloo Drive when he collided with Carolyn Sabo’s 2004 Nissan Altima, which was parked in front of her house. The collision moved Sabo’s car several feet and caused damage to the bumper and taillight. Mathews was not injured in the accident. Mathews is a former Waterloo alderman and police officer.

From the Monroe County Independent

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