Friday, May 4, 2012

Gotta go on Cinco de Mayo? You might get arrested for DUI!

A recent study likened the impairing effects of need to use the facilities as similar to those exhibited when driving under the influence of alcohol.

Put aside for the moment the quality of that research and think about that.

Are you likely to drink and then afterwards drive this May 5 for Cinco de Mayo? That's legal as long as you haven't drunk to the point you're intoxicated, but even so, you might just need to hit the john before you get going, or risk your local Illinois police officer mistaking your little dance for evidence of a DUI.

Drive safe and smart, and remember to call Fagan, Fagan & Davis at (847) 635-8200 if you need help!

Study says having to pee at the wheel is like driving drunk -

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