Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Does taking the DUI breath test mean automatic guilty? Definitely not!

Motorists arrested for DUI in Illinois typically take a breath test or other chemical test, like blood or urine. Illinois law is structured to encourage people to take the breath test, and police officers are trained to push them as well. 

The vast majority of those who do submit to breath testing blow a 0.08 or above, the legal limit under Illinois law as well as nationwide. A common question we get at Fagan, Fagan & Davis is if you took the breath test and the result was 0.08 or higher, is there any chance of winning the DUI?

In some cases, yes there certainly is - but far too many defendants and lawyers give up without a fight and plead guilty without ever exploring issues real DUI lawyers look at every day to help their clients.

Watch the video to learn more, then, if you're facing a DUI in the Chicago area, pick up the phone and call our office to discuss!

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