Sunday, September 16, 2012

Don't drink and drive! 'Cause that's DUI. Really? No.

I'm going to say something about DUI law that might sound controversial. It isn't though - it just sounds that way. And that's because of the outrageous, emotionally exploitative mantra you've heard over and over. Say it with me . . .
. . . oh, didn't catch that one? Maybe you've heard . . .

Of course, there have been other great variants. They do their job well. They are catchy, they drive home the idea that . . . wait, what idea do they drive home exactly?

I'll tell you. The idea they drive home is that if you've consumed any alcohol whatsoever, even if you are in no way affected by it, someone (someone angry in uniform with a gun) is coming to get you because society won't tolerate it.

That's the message, but that's going too far. The truth is that unless it is otherwise illegal for you to consume alcohol, drinking and driving is not DUI, and you shouldn't lose a thing. Drinking to the point that your judgement is affected, your coordination, your sense of timing, your reaction time . . . that's what's important. Why not just say that?

It's not catchy, is it?

Want to learn more? Watch the video:

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