Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Carlton Fisk arrested for DUI in Illinois

Say it ain't so, Carlton! The ex-Chicago White Sox Hall of Famer was apparently asleep behind the wheel, off the road in a cornfield. He was transported to the hospital according to reports, and was disoriented. Police found an open bottle of alcohol in the car.

The catcher's DUI attorneys may have fertile ground to challenge many aspects of this case, and we'll be curious to see what develops.

Ex-Sox catcher Carlton Fisk arrested for DUI


  1. Yeah, I'm interested to see what happens with this case as yell. I'm sure his attorneys have been working up a good defense.

  2. What's the outcome of this DUI case?

  3. Thanks for asking. Fisk plead guilty and received Court Supervision for a year with fines, costs and mandatory counseling. It doesn't seem that he was treated any differently than most people in his position.
    Apparently, his attorney indicates that Fisk did not want to put up a fight. This is a very common response by celebrities, who rarely fight their charges.

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