Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Attorneys facing DUI in Illinois

Several recent disciplinary actions taken by the Illinois Attorney Registration Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) serve as a poignant reminder to just one of the ways that a DUI arrest can affect those of us who maintain professional licensing.

Illinois Supreme Court Supreme Rule 761(a) requires an attorney admitted to practice in Illinois who is convicted in any court of any felony or misdemeanor to notify the ARDC Administrator of the conviction in writing within thirty days of the entry of the judgment of conviction. In at least one recent case, an Illinois attorney's failure to do so after a DUI arrest in Illinois ultimately resulting in a conviction for Reckless Driving resulted in his disbarment.

While this isn't a typical result of a failure to report, and the attorney's actions in dealing with the ARDC regarding his failure to report certainly contributed to his downfall, most professional regulatory boards have some similar requirement.

Those with any professional licensing facing DUI or other misdemeanor or felony charges in Illinois should take heed.

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